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ETH Walkers: Miami takes its gameplay to a new level by adding multiple new resources for your characters to find and equip. Back in Portstown, weapons were the only items to be found when exploring sub-locations. In Miami, we’ve thrown vehicles, food, armor, storage, and power-ups into the mix to beef up the variety and expand on the game’s already deep strategy.


Vehicles allow characters to move around the game map more easily. They allow characters to move more spaces each day. In the case of fuel-powered vehicles, they allow characters to move without using energy.


Food is required to restore a character’s energy meter and is critical for maintaining a character’s ability to move around the board and fight zombies successfully.


Characters who wear armor gain a dice roll advantage during an attack. Each piece of armor is assigned a “power” and a “durability”, similar to the weapon mechanics. 



Your character is able to be equipped with a backpack that will allow them to carry around additional weapons and food for later use.  When your character’s current weapon breaks or is stolen, they will then take out the weapon stored in the backpack.  Food that is not needed to fill your character’s energy meter can also be stored in the backpack and consumed later.


Power-ups will improve one of your character’s six attributes: strength, agility, speed, stamina, stealth, and vigilance.  Collect all six to turn your character into the ultimate survivor!