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Town History

Portstown was constructed and settled after November 1860 by Mississippi River pilots. The main river passage, flowing out into the Gulf of Mexico, coupled with the strangely hostile terrain on both sides of the river bed meant seclusion for the inhabitants. Given the unique terrain, Portstown is accessible only by water or by helicopter.

Built on piers in swampy ground on the East Bank of the lower Mississippi River, about 90 miles downriver from New Orleans, Portstown served as a temporary home for members of the Port Pilots’ Association and as a base for coal and oil exploration. 

In the late 1940s, following WWII, this small, makeshift town saw a population boom of Eastern European refugees who were willing to work and trade for shelter.

In August, 1960, the town is said to have been purchased by a wealthy oil baron [no records available to substantiate ownership].  Major construction began around the town’s centennial which included basic public infrastructures (like the University, Police Station, Penitentiary, and Town Hall).  In no less than 2 years this small, swamp town boasted its own ecosystem.

Today, Portstown is home to roughly 10,000 people.

Town Map

People & Places

City Hall

The center of Portstown’s local government and a phenomenal place to catch up on town gossip and drama.  There is a deep vein of history that runs through the hall and the walls are said to possess political and business secrets dating back to the early 1900’s.


    • Record Keeping
    • Gathering Hall
    • Storage
    • Offices
    • Janitorial Offices

Meet Bo Scott …

Don’t call Bo a janitor, he is a Waste Redistribution Engineer and damn proud of it.  Bo not only handles all of the town waste bins, he is also the keeper of all the town’s trashy little secrets.  Yeah, that’s right… Bo knows!

The Yacht Club

The most exclusive, members-only club in town.  No one is ever seen coming in and out but every night music and loud, animal-like noises can be heard coming from inside.


    • Bar
    • Clubhouse
    • Attic
    • Boat House
    • Dock

The Buckner Estate

Built in the early 20th century, the Buckner Estate and family home boast roughly 105 acres of space on the outskirts of town.  A sad history haunts the Buckner Estate and seems to pursue any family who resides there.  The last known occupants were the O’Dea family.  The Estate has been uninhabited for the past 16 years.


    • Library
    • Panic Room
    • Master Bedroom
    • Conservatory
    • Wine Cellar
    • Psychomanteum

Meet Willy Rudolph (“Rudy”)…

If there are any skeletons buried at the Buckner Estate groundskeeper Willy Rudolph is likely the one who buried them.  Rudy is an old soul, quiet and faithful.  A runaway from England, Rudy found himself a new home and a seemingly  thankless job in Portstown.


Also known as The Hub, Downtown Portstown is the home to a handful of locally owned and resourced small businesses.  It doesn’t matter what you may be looking for, from a chainsaw to an antique apothecary table, Downtown Portstown has you covered.


    • Gas Station
    • Grocery Store
    • Hardware Store
    • Pawn Shop
    • General Store

Meet Candice Carson …

After taking a year off of college to travel the globe Candice quickly became disillusioned with Western education, dropped out, and proposed to Coach Joshua Carson.  Sharing her vast and very random knowledge of the world at the Pawn Shop, Candice adds a touch of colorful culture to Portstown.

Monroeville Shopping Mall

Find Your Favorite Stores & The Newest Shops For Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Sports.  The mall has, over the years, included community spaces, a live theater auditorium, a short-lived bowling alley, and a less than safe children’s play area.  Come grab a snack, see a show, and leave with a shirt (or whatever).


    • Food Court
    • Movie Theater
    • Sporting Goods
    • Department Store
    • Housewares

Meet Karis Madison …

Not your average Customer Service Manager.  Karis is deeply intelligent (and she knows it) and an adrenaline junky.  Don’t expect to have any of your questions answered at the Monroeville Customer Service Center unless you come in with your sarcasm guns a blazin’. 

Portstown Police Station

A state-funded special projects police station with an Aviation Unit. Family-run and operated, don’t let the quaint appearance of a small-town police station fool you.  Well-equipped and strapped with an uncharacteristically diverse armory, this local PD can handle anything that’s thrown at them.


    • Holding Cells
    • Armory
    • Evidence Lockers
    • Aviation Unit
    • Locker Room

Meet Joe Bordoni …

“The Commissioner” is watching you Portstown.  This small town, retired police chief, can be found hanging around the police station most days, telling stories of his “glory days” on the force.  It is relatively well known that Bordoni has been on someone’s books for years but no one is certain who is pulling the strings.

Portstown General Hospital

A general hospital with a special pediatric cancer research facility. While offering general medical services, PGH is leading cutting-edge clinical research while providing diagnosis and treatment of leukemia, lymphoma, neuroblastoma, bone, brain, and kidney tumors, as well as rare tumor types.


    • Emergency Room
    • ICU
    • Infection Control
    • General Surgery
    • Pediatric Oncology Clinic

Meet Dr. Sara Thurman …

The shining gem of Portstown General Hospital is one Dr. Sara Thurman.  Dr. Thurman is the Head of Oncology, very well-spoken, and professional.  While possessing such a serious job, Dr. Thurman is a serial entrepreneur and a tech prodigy.  To Dr. Thurman, Ironman isn’t a fantasy, it’s one of the options.

Portstown University

Let’s Go Crawdaddy Crushers!  Portstown University boasts a high-profile faculty, specifically in the Science and Biology Departments but it is best known as a party school.  Screw Harvard, Portstown U all day son!


    • Lecture Hall
    • Recreation Center
    • Campus Security Shed
    • Coed Dormitories
    • Stadium

Meet Coach Joshua Carson …

Born and bred local and one of the good ol’ boys. Joshua has been coaching Portstown University’s football team since 2014 and since taking the position he primarily speaks in sports metaphors. The Coach is ex-military, which all his players know too well, and is married to Candice Carson.

Nerdy Nuggets

The shining gem of Portstown!  Nerdy Nuggets is the best and only fast-food restaurant chain in town.  A favorite location for College kids who come for the knobs of irregularly cut breast meat with a light coating of nearly crispy breadcrumbs – the Nerdy Nuggets – a true sheep in wolf’s clothing. They sport a nutty sweetness from the peanut oil fry and an aggressive salinity from over-seasoning… and don’t forget the dipping sauce.


    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Dry Storage/Freezer
    • Dining Area
    • Office

Meet Cabb Deijon …

President of the Steve Jobs Fashionista fan club, Nerdy Nuggets Manager Cabb Deijon is 100% pure diva.  Cabb owns 14 turtlenecks, all the same color, and can often be found soaking his feet in toilets around the city.  His favorite dipping sauce… soy teriyaki (in spite of his name).

The Old Coal Mine

The original reason for the formation of Portstown was the coal mine.  With easy access to the river and the ocean, Portstown was a natural hub for miners.  The veins ran dry 60 years ago and the Mine has been abandoned ever since.


    • First Level
    • Second Level
    • Bottom
    • Dark Cavern
    • Dynamite Shed

The Brain Bucket

Built to be the local watering hole for Portstown residence, the Brain Bucket quickly became the hangout of choice for a very rough and dangerous biker gang.  Locals are still very welcome at The Bucket but outsiders beware.


    • The Red Room
    • Bar
    • The Outhouse
    • Basement
    • Garage

Meet Breaker …

What has two fists and isn’t afraid to shatter your jaw? Bucket bartender Breaker (last name unknown), that’s who!  An honorary member of Louisiana’s second most deadly motorcycle gang, Breaker has more secrets than Victoria has underpants.  While his face is kind, don’t underestimate his legendary temper (especially at the craps table in the bar’s Red Room).

The Hills

A divergent community, just outside of town.  Hills folk live and work together in a social commune that is decidedly anti-establishment, anti-government, and anti-social.  Sorry, not sorry!  Hills folk refer to townspeople as “Porties”.


    • Swamp
    • Compound
    • Trading Post
    • Commons
    • Dark Forest

Meet Kerry-Ann Hicks …

One of the leaders of the Hills commune who has lived in the swamp since she was a little girl.  People refer to Kerry-Ann as the alligator whisperer but never to her face. Kerry-Ann does not trust “Porties” (townspeople) and she doesn’t buy into the social politics that run the town.

Belle River Penitentiary

The Belle River Penitentiary – known unofficially as “The Supermax” – is the third most secure prison in America. Only those convicted of the most violent (and often high-profile) crimes are sent here, sentenced to live out their days in solitary confinement under the tightest security conditions imaginable. The complex itself is a formidable sight: short, windowless brick buildings guarded by towering razor wire fences, and watchtowers occupied by armed sharpshooters. Constructed in 2006 many point to The Supermax as the controversial reason for the town economic resurgence.


    • Solitary
    • Workshop
    • Experiment B
    • The Yard
    • Infirmary

Meet Cane Livingston …

No one but the higher ups know why inmate Cane Livingston is carrying out his two life sentences at Belle River.  Frankly, no one dares ask.  Rumor has it, on his first day, Cane dismembered 3 guards and his cell mate when someone tried to take his Teddy Bear (although everyone has a different version). Cane can’t remember a time before prison but he knows everything there is to know about the Belle River Penitentiary.

The Military Base

A small, secretive, and well-guarded military base that has been hidden just outside of the borders of Portstown. It’s unclear why the base is there, and, despite the claims of the Battalion Commander, there is some doubt as to which branch of the military is in control.


    • Warehouse
    • Barracks
    • The Facility
    • Hangar Bay
    • Mess Hall

Meet Perry Miller …

Perry Miller, Lieutenant Colonel/LTC (O5) – Lieutenant Colonel Miller is as low-level as they come but it is not for lack of trying.  For years Miller has consistently served as the gatekeeper to the hidden Military Base in Portstown and in that time, no one got in and no one ever got out.  Embittered by years of being passed over for promotion Miller is a ticking timebomb of information… if they don’t get to him first.

The Facility

The pretty girl that you never noticed because of her glasses and overalls, the realization that there is no such thing as a middle finger, the whole Kevin Spacey/Keyser Söze thing. Yeah, the facility is like that. A mysterious research facility that’s in plain sight but no one really sees it until they see it. Purpose unknown.


    • Laboratory
    • Workshop
    • Containment
    • Observatory
    • Level X
    • Locked Corridor