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Portstown is crumbling.

This once quiet and secluded community is quickly spiraling into madness as the zombie apocalypse dawns. With the infection spreading and the Walker count spiking rapidly, all sense of Southern decorum has been lost. Stores are being looted. The townsfolk have begun attacking each other over food and supplies. Armed gunmen roam the streets as the police have lost all sense of order.

Chaos, however, breeds opportunity. For those looking to seize power, these events have created an opening to claim the throne. The lawlessness has paved a way to enact revenge, steal treasures, and escape shackles. While many seek to benefit from the ensuing destruction, there also remain those few whose only desire is to preserve their family, friends, and the town they call their home.

With society dissipating into the ether, Leaders have emerged to forge a new sense of order. Joining with like-minded people, they have formed factions to provide protection, maintain unity, and carry out their agenda, whether noble or self-serving. As the infection spreads, many of these groups will fall, while others will amass even greater power. In the end, only one group will be left to reign over Portstown.

The question is whether there will be a town left to claim…

Crawdaddy Faction

Dr. Jane Festor

Freddy Hansome

Tina Randolph

Chunk Philbin

As the Walkers descend on Portstown University, Tina Randolph has nowhere to turn. In a turn of good fortune, she stumbles upon her long-time friend Chunk Philbin, who is more than willing to help his damsel in distress. While Chunk urges Tina to leave, she insists that the two must find her boyfriend, Freddy in the chaos. Eventually they find him in the science building after a “tutoring” session with Dr. Festor. When Festor learns of the ensuing apocalypse, her eyes turn to steel. With the help of her three students, she vows to put an end to this horror.

Portstown Faction

Joe Johnson

Brenda Blausch

Henrietta Johnson

Paul “Doc” Benson

With zombies swarming Portstown, Joe Johnson knows he needs to get Downtown to save his mother, Henrietta. As he exits the mall, he saves Brenda Blausch from a Walker and hurries with her to the center of town. Main Street is under siege, but luckily “Doc” Benson has already found Henrietta and barricaded them in the Hardware store. Mother and son are reunited, but they consider this entire town to be their family. It is time to unite the everyday, common people of Portstown and save their community.

Conway Faction

Joseph Conway

Just Givens

James Maxwell

Karey Z. Enos

With civilization crumbling before his very eyes, a man of Joseph Conway’s means would have every opportunity to evacuate to safety. However, there is something keeping this wealthy billionaire tied to the town. Conway uses his vast fortune to hire James Maxwell as his mercenary guard. He quickly brings his puppet, Mayor Givens, into the fold to do his bidding as well. With his wife Betsy threatening divorce after their latest feud, there is no longer any need to be discrete. He calls his lover, Karey Enos, to ride out the apocalypse by his side.

Belle River Faction

Juan O’de Dead

Rock Breslin

Scuzzer Peck

Jerry Z. Pitt

With the walls of the prison breached, Juan O’de Dead finally has the opportunity to carry out the plot that brought him to Louisiana in the first place. While his right-hand man, Rock Breslin wants to use his newfound freedom to reconnect with his daughter, Marilyn, he understands that abandoning O’de Dead at this juncture would be a death sentence. Rock contacts his old-time friend, Scuzzer Peck to help him navigate the town and maintain his cover. As the three dodge the law, and the zombies, Jerry Z. Pitt emerges from the shadows. He appears to know O’de Dead, and after a brief discussion, it is clear that the two have something sinister planned.


Brigade Faction

Columbus Eisenberg

Edith Rand

Robert Navelle

Marilyn Breslin

Columbus Eisenberg narrowly made his escape through a prison overrun by zombies. His first mission outside the walls is to locate his little brother Robert and ensure his safety. While making his way through the town, Columbus stumbles upon a female soldier trapped inside an overturned army transport. After rescuing Edith Rand from the wreckage, the two make their way to Nerdy Nuggets where workers Robert and Marilyn are trapped in the freezer, hiding from the Walkers. Columbus and Edith are able to clear an escape path and get them out of the restaurant. Now together, the two brothers look to survive the apocalypse.


Vendetta Faction

Betsy Conway

Harry Cooper

Franny Praker

Steven Mandrews Jr.

After being publicly humiliated by her flirtatious husband at the Yacht Club event, Betsy Conway reached the end of her rope. The two had a historic blow-up and Betsy declared her intention to end the marriage. Alone and sobbing at the club, Betsy was unaware of the dangers lurking outside. Were it not for Harry Cooper’s heroic intervention, Mrs. Conway would have quickly become a member of the undead. At Betsy’s request, Harry escorts her to City Hall where she meets up with Franny Praker and her boyfriend, Steven Mandrews Jr. With the world crumbling around them, the four make a pact that even if Joseph Conway and Just Givens somehow survive the manic apes, they will not escape their revenge.


Blade Faction

Johnny O’Dea

Knives Morgan


Jessica Benson

With the Belle River walls breached, Johnny O’Dea knows that his life is in grave danger. The darkness contained within the penitentiary has been released and will mercilessly hunt him down. Johnny heads to “The Bucket” and offers his fortune in return for protection, an offer which Sludge and Knives Morgan are more than happy to accept. In an odd turn, police officer Jessica Benson arrives on site and teams up with the degenerate Blades gang. The law and the outlaws are an unusual pair, leading many to wonder exactly what is going on behind the scenes with this unexpected alliance.


Relic Faction

Barbra O’Dea

Ben Jones

Dr. Lisa Punnett

Shaun Edgar

Barbra O’Dea felt she was finally on the cusp of reanimating her dead father. A worldwide search for ancient artifacts and mythical powers had yielded a relic of tremendous promise. In the midst of the arrival, chaos broke out, resulting in this ancient artifact being lost in the town. Refusing to let anything get in the way of her life’s goal, she enlists the help of her two allies, Ben Jones and Shaun Edgar to recover the relic. Jones agrees, but stipulates that Barbra must use her vast resources to ensure his girlfriend, Dr. Lisa Punnett’s safe escape from the town once the artifact is found.


Shield Faction

Pete Washer

Rudi Riccy

Lana Ellison

Diana Wright

Once again, Rudi Riccy found himself cuffed by Pete Washer. What had started as a minor traffic stop escalated to an all-out brawl. However, the two rivals quickly put their differences aside when it became clear that the apocalypse was upon them. Washer put on his lights and sirens and headed towards the mall to rescue his ex-wife. There, he and Riccy found Diana and Lana locked in her office. With the town in shambles, Lana Ellison is more determined than ever to seize control from Mayor Givens and restore order to Portstown.


Outlander Faction

Trashie Quigley

Allan Tarman

Tom Washer

Dr. Milton Blausch

In the worst timing possible, Allan Tarman experienced one of his bouts of epilepsy during a zombie swarm at The Hills Commune. Trashie Quigley was able to fight off the Walkers and bring Tarman to safety. Though 911 calls were coming in from every angle, Quigley managed to get through to Officer Tom Washer who escorted her and Tarman to Portstown General.  Though the ER was pure bedlam, Tarman was able to receive care at the hands of Dr. Milton Blausch. With Tarman regaining consciousness, Washer insisted that the three of them seek shelter from the zombies. Trashie refused, stating that “she knew this was coming” and was prepared to save the town.