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The ETH Walkers Mint Pass is an NFT that entitles it holder to brand new  character mints for each of the upcoming seasons of the ETH Walker chronicles.  With Seasons 2-7 planned, purchasing one Mint Pass is equivalent to buying 13 ETH Walker NFTs.  At a price of just 0.15 ETH, the mint pass offers tremendous value compared to minting individually season-by-season.  

We created the Mint Pass as a way to show our appreciation for all those who believe in this project and want to experience this incredible journey with us from start to finish.  Knowing that minting seven NFTs is a big ask of some people, we wanted to provide a more affordable option for our most loyal ETH Walker fans.

Think of the Mint Pass as the Costco of NFTs.  You’re buying in bulk, but instead of a three pound tub of mayonnaise, you get six seasons of zombie-fighting thrills!

Mint Date: July 1st (48 hours only!)
Mint Price: 0.15 ETH


What is included with the Mint Pass?

Each mint pass will entitle you to the following perks:
– THREE mints for ETH: Walkers Miami (you only pay gas)
– TWO mints for ETH Walkers Season 3-7 (you only pay gas)


To add it all up, that’s THIRTEEN mints total that you’ll be able to mint for free once you hold the pass!

– An Assault rifle for one of your mints for ETH Walkers: Miami
– A “Jord is getting upset!” shirt for one of your mints for ETH Walkers: Miami
– A claim of 10,000 $NUGGS to use in our $NUGGS store
– Access to Leader and Starting Zombies for ETH Walkers: Miami

Can anyone buy the Mint Pass?

Yes, the Mint Pass will be available to the public. There is a limit of 500 Mint Passes available to the public.

What if the character that I get from the Mint Pass in Season 2 survives?

Your surviving character will be locked and immortalized as a human in the Season 2 collection.   A new NFT of the surviving character will be created for you to claim and play with for Season 3.  In addition, you will be able to use the Mint Pass to claim a brand new character NFT for Season 3.  Copy, paste, repeat for subsequent seasons.

What guarantees do I have that this project will go 7 Seasons?

The ETH Walker project already has a seven-season story arch prepared for this project. (Our favorite  is Season 5, but don’t tell anybody!)  Remember, this is a story and you are wheeling and dealing with an art and story obsessed team of people.  Like it or not, you are getting seven seasons.

Oh, and the team is fully doxxed so… if something happens you could always troll us. But we are the guys who built the end of the world sooooo…

Will the Mint Pass be available if I want to hold off until Season 3?

Yes, but the price is subject to change.  (It could get more expensive because we’re vindictive like that.)  We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  However, as this is the first go at our Mint Pass, we can say with some confidence that this current pass will be the best deal we will offer for the project.


So many projects, so little time… right?!?!

Why should anyone invest in ETH Walkers?

Our fully doxxed team understands the value, and our Season 1 holders are more than capable of explaining what makes this project different. (Go ahead and ask them.)

But, to break it down to surface level bullets:

– Art by Stephen Slesinski, Illustration Director for FX’s Emmy-winning show, Archer

– 3-week, immersive gameplay experience

– Story-driven, choose your own adventure metaverse.

– Proven, multi-season project

– Rich, daily multimedia lore elements

– A full and growing in-game $NUGGS economy

– Oh, and we’re still really just getting started…